zaterdag 29 september 2007

Medical uses of waffles

Hello SwordDemon Here….

And today I am going to discus the medical uses of waffles. And some other things.

In past cultures when a warrior was injured with an open wound the doctors would put a loaf of moldy bread on the wound and then wrap the loaf and the wound then send the victim on their way. This was done so that the mold that grows on bread (Penicillin, ECT) would serve as an antiseptic and help kill any bacteria that would infect the wound. Well needless to say the same thing can be done with waffles but when done with waffles it adds a few benefits and I now will quote one of my old Waffles pages to elaborate on those

• “Food ……how it is food I will let you figure out ^_^

• Fun………you can juggle waffles and throw then at targets and you can light them on fire then play with them ….fun stuff…

• Medical…I will talk about this in a few weeks because it is kind of long and I don’t want to type right now….

• Smuggling….

• Implanting trackers into people……

• Homes……

• Suffocational Devices…..

• Bait……….for what I aint saying”

If are still reading this I think now would be a good time to expound on why waffles can be used as bait but before I get into that you need to know some things. Chief of which is that in the land of Forbidden Absolution there is more than just fish and people. There are in fact some creatures deemed to be unnatural by the narrow minded humans that have only heard of there existence in stories told in bars by ignorant fools. But these creatures are mutated animals that live in the far corners of the wasteland in underground caverns that few have ever ventured into even fewer have ever returned from alive. I happen to be one of the few and the creatures that live in that underground prison are not to be hated but rather feared and pitied. And the other thing you need to know is that all the waffles that I live on are not only good tasting but they also are made with ingredients that are not from the soil of Forbidden Absolution. So Read this Next time and find out more.